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1 May


Urban Outfitters crop top / Daisy Dame shorts / Mod4rn Trend necklace / Lola Shoetique shoes
Photos by Ryan Kim (@miknayr)

Yet another year has passed and I still haven’t attended Coachella. My heart is still hurting a little, but it’s alright. I’ll go on. I made a promise to myself that I would NOT miss next year’s. I spent a few days in SF during Coachella’s first weekend. It was nice because I wasn’t constantly looking through my Instagram feed and forced to see all the festival spam. I wished I could have packed all my festival outfits and wore them around SF, haha. But the weather was a bit cold and it definitely wouldn’t have been a practical idea. Anyway, here’s an outfit I would have been in if I ended up going. My crop top is from Urban Outfitters and my shorts are Daisy Dame. I love these shorts because 1) of the elastic waistband and 2) they have pockets! I have a strange love for pockets. Also, the silky fabric is super soft. I paired it with this coin necklace again. It’s my favorite necklace at the moment and I’ve been seeing the coin necklace trend everywhere! Hopefully the next time I post any Coachella outfits, I’ll actually be at Coachella.


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