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13 May

Sunflower Power.

Liverpool denim jacket / Forever 21 tank / Freddie Rojas shorts / YRU platforms
Photos by Alex Lazo (@alexsprme)
What a crazy weekend I had. So many things going on. Ok maybe not, but I had a really eventful Saturday. Saturday I had lunch at Herringbone at the Mondrian for Eugenie’s birthday celebration. It was uber fun. Got to meet so many bloggers that I’ve been following (or fangirling) for a while as well as catch up with some that I already knew. After that I went to Los Globos in Silverlake to attend Kawaiiland with Ellen. I didn’t even know it, but we were both on the flyers as featured influencers! We got interviewed together by LA Weekly, so I’m excited to see that when it comes  out. We ended up walking in one of the fashion shows for Pretty Star and I got to wear an awesome outfit that reminded me of a kawaii Cinderella. After that I hung out with my boyfriend and we got turnt at a lounge in our area. I managed to do all that in one day and was pretty exhausted by the end of it. Here are some quick shots of an outfit I’ve had on repeat a few times lately. This is how I love to dress on a normal day and when I go see my family. I got these shorts at that Dripped event a few  months ago from Freddie Rojas. I loved them immediately. Sunflowers are my favorite type of flowers and, yes, these shorts have pockets! I’m also loving these YRUs. I used to have Birkentocks when I as a kid and to me, these are like the upgraded adult version. Lastly, I got my septum pierced yesterday and I’m loving it. Peace out!
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