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27 Jun

Sippin’ on Boys Tears.

Valfre top / Vibrant M.I.U shorts / Enchanted Honeybee headband / YRU shoes
Photos by Kimly Mean (@becauseitsnice)
Aahh it’s finally Friday! This week couldn’t have gone by any slower. Here’s a quickie post on Valfré again. This muscle tank is the second item from them. I really like this one in particular because its so freakin’ cute! I feel like I could personally relate to this illustration because 1. she is wearing a flower crown and 2. I normally drink a carton of boys tears every day. Haha ok but really, Like I mentioned in my previoius Valfré post, Ilse’s artwork makes me love being a girl! Also, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know that these floral Minnie ears have been my current obsession for a little while. I feel like a kid again with this whole outfit. Anyway, I’m off to sin city tonight to celebrate my birthday on Monday. Don’t forget to check out the rest of Valfré’s cool products here! Later skaters!
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