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15 Jul

Desert Daze.

Shop Luna B dress / YRU shoes / Mod4rn Trend cuffs
So I got this dress a while ago but never got around to shooting in it. I got it from Shop Luna B but I just checked the site and it looks like it’s out of stock, so I linked a similar one by Unif. It’s kind of become my everyday dress. And when I say everyday, I mean I’ve definitely over worn it. Ellen has seen me in this dress over a million times, haha. I just throw it on when I don’t feel like putting any thought into my outfit. It’s also extremely comfy in the sense that I can hide my food baby under it. These shoes are also amazing. They remind me of Cinderella’s glass slipper, if she had street style. What’s cool about them is that you can open up the sole and put things inside. Anyway. that’s all for this quickie post. I’m behind on my blogging so there will be plenty more to come this week!
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