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20 Sep


Motel Rocks dress via BKRM / YRU shoes

What a gloomy weekend in Huntington Beach! I’m currently blogging from a beach house and celebrating my brother’s birthday. He’s not my real brother but he’s been with my sister for 15 years so he kind of is. It’s super cloudy, but I’m not gonna complain. It’s nice and cool and I’m so happy the heat wave has died down. Here’s a look I shot for BKRM. They sent me this pretty little paisley dress by Motel. Sometimes I like to get in touch with my girly side and wear pretty baby colors and whatnot. I’ve also grown to love anything paisley recently, so this dress is perfect. We shot these in Daniel’s beautiful home. I kept the look pretty simple and light. Paired with some sky high YRU shoes and kept the color palette light. I’ve always been into dresses. I love getting to feel feminine some days and switch it up the next. Thank you BKRM! Check out their site for more amazing goods here.
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