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9 Jan

The Beauty Friend.

So this post is a review of my experience using The Beauty Friend app.

To be honest, I think this app is genius. The Beauty Friend connects you with hair stylists and make up artists in your area and brings them straight to you! You can download the app straight to your phone and schedule a beauty service for any immediate or upcoming parties. The stylists come straight to your home so you don’t have to worry about communting, traffic and changing out of your comfy pjs. All of their stylists are highly experienced. Some of them even work with celebrities for red carpet events regularly. In my case, I wanted to get my hair dolled up for a get together with friends on a particular weekend. I usually curl my hair at home, but they end up becoming flat waves by the end of the night. I wanted to try out some big curls for a bit of a “glam” look, so I resorted to The Beauty Friend app. I was able to schedule an appointment on short notice with Eduardo. He came to meet me at an LA studio and gave me some big waves. He was such a sweetheart and worked really quick. We were finished within an hour and I had extra time to spare to get ready for the weekend. Over all, I definitely recommend the app. It’s convenient and easy especially for people who need things done in a short amount of time. Visit their website here for more details and download The Beauty Friend app on your phone now!

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