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13 Nov

I Love New York.

What a stressful week!
If you didn’t hear, my Instagram got hacked last week. Someone got into my account and deleted all of my photos and attempted to turn it into a fugly meme page. It was a sad week for me. I was really bummed about losing my page and photos, but with the help of some friends and a lot of my followers, my account was recovered! Just waiting on my photos to be recovered as well. Thanks to those of you who helped me report it and sent me some really sweet messages. You guys are the best!!
Finally back from a crazy week. I went to Vegas last week with Ellen, got my page hacked and then flew to New York a few days later for a little trip. It was so much fun. I had been once before, but this time was full of good food and really good company. I got there on Saturday afternoon. It was nice and chilly. I forgot what it was like to wear a coat or even be cold! I brought my best Blair Waldorf mixed with Japanese school girl vibes for the first day. After settling into our hotel, my boyfriend and I checked out The Meatball Shop. One of my favorite spots in NY. After that, we popped into Doughnut Plant to see a friend (and grab some donuts) and after warming up with a cup of coffee, we made our way to 10Below Ice Cream and then waited over an hour for a table at Joe’s Shanghai. So much eating, I know. My secret is not ordering too much and just sharing bits of everything. Here are some pics from the first day. Didn’t get photos of everything we ate but here is most of it!
Gap sweater / Shop Kaii skirt / TUK shoes / Tie, Backpack & socks from Japan
Ellen and our friend Jenny flew in a little later that day. We met up with some friends for drinks and got pretty turnt. The next morning, Ellen and I got up for a quick mini shoot for C-Heads Magazine. Can’t wait to show you guys the photos from that. After we finished, we headed over to Katz’s for a good ‘ol pastrami. Don’t judge us, but we split ONE sandwich between the four of us, haha. We needed to make room for 10Below ice cream again, since Ellen and Jenny missed out the first day. We walked around Soho and took some photos. Then made our way to Lombardi’s Pizza to eat some more. On the way back to our hotel, we picked up some rice pudding from Rice to Riches. I didn’t realize that that place was in the movie “Hitched” until Ellen mentioned it. Definitely a must try. We headed back to our hotel for a quick power nap and rest. Walking all day is exhausting! After catching some shut-eye for a bit (and scarfing down some rice pudding), we headed out to dinner at Ippudo. We kept it pretty chill given that we got pretty turnt the night before.
Lucy Paris jacket & top / Pepper Mayo skirt / Love Culture backpack / Adidas shoes
The last day started off with brunch with James Jeans at their NYC showroom. Got to see a lot of familiar faces and get a preview of their new styles. After brunch, Ellen and I made our way back to our hotel so we could get ready for our meet n’ greet in the park. We rented some bicycles and made our way to Bethesda fountain. I might add that I crashed into a bicyclist on the way there. Luckily, all I got was a few bruises. Not sure if I can say the same for the other guy. The meet n’ greet was awesome. Ellen and I love being able to meet our followers and hang out with you guys. Everyone is always so sweet. Thanks to those who made it out! I know some of you guys traveled a bit far and we really appreciated it! After that, we strolled around the park and took some photos. It’s so beautiful there during this time of year. Gets me really excited for the holiday season. Can you believe the year is coming to an end?


Forever 21 beanie / Urban Outfitter’s tee / Nasty Gal jacket / James Jeans pants / EEight shoes

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