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12 Jun


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Took a quick hiatus from the blog, but I’m back!

If you haven’t already noticed, my blog has a new look! I’m so excited to finally debut it. I was feeling a little bored of the old layout and felt like it needed a bit of an upgrade. I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and my lifestyle. I felt an urge to suddenly improve some things in my life and decided my blog needed a little lovin’. I worked with Vilma Ansaldo, a graphic designer for Lola Shoetique, to redesign my site and make it a little more ME. She helped me customize a few things to show off more of my personality. I’m extremely happy with the way it looks and want to thank her and my boyfriend, Josh, for helping me revamp my page. Super proud and excited to debut it and I’m definitely planning on taking it to the next level. Going to be sharing a bit more of my life on here starting now!

Had an extremely fun weekend. I guess I’ll start with Friday. I decided to throw a shabu-shabu dinner party at my place for some of my favorite people. It was a party of 16, and I’ve NEVER prepared a sit down dinner for that many people. It actually turned out to be a huge success! If you watched my first YouTube video or follow me on Snapchat, you’d know that I LOVE shabu-shabu. It’s one of my favorite types of meals and I think I’ve pretty much mastered the art of preparing it at home for friends. I plan on doing a blog post and YouTube video about how I do it, but lets get to that later. It also happened to my boyfriend’s birthday this weekend. Spent my Saturday with him and celebrated with a delicious meal at Redbird in downtown LA. Highly recommended, by the way.

On to Sunday. I had been planning for some time now to visit the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena. It always falls on the second Sunday of every month, and my schedule didn’t work out in previous months. I finally set a date and went with Ellen, Jenn and Emily. It was the perfect day to go because it was pretty gloomy. Meaning we wouldn’t have to shop while melting under the blazing hot sun. I’d gone once before many years ago. It was a hot summer day and definitely draining. The first time I went, I walked around the entire Rosebowl counter-clockwise only to find that all the rad vintage apparel was at the end near the main entrance. If you’re looking for the vintage clothing section, you’ll definitely want to head left after the entrance and cross the canal. Click HERE for a map of the flea market. The vintage clothing and furniture are all inside the white area. There’s an ENDLESS amount of goods from revamped Levi’s shorts to classic Louis Vuitton bags. Definitely bring some walking shoes and cash because most of the vendors are cash only. A bag may be helpful as well to hold your purchased goods. There were so many finds! It’s almost overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I knew I wanted to look for some high-waisted shorts for sure. I came out with a distressed vintage Guess denim jacket ($50), 2 vintage Levi’s shorts ($15 each), a revamped vintage KISS tee ($30), 2 pairs of sunnies ($10 each), and a vintage nike pullover ($10). I ended up spending a total of $149, including the $9 entrance fee. All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful day. All four of us ended up leaving with some amazing stuff, and I’m definitely satisfied with my finds. I’ll do some outfit posts soon with my new (old) pieces. This shopping trip peaked my interest in flea markets around LA, so I’ll probably be checking out some other ones again soon. Some flea market tips before I go:

1) Try to bargain. Even if it’s to save a few dollars. Buying more than one item usually helps.

2) Know what you’re paying for. Ask yourself, “Is this worth the price they’re asking for, or can I find this from someone/somewhere else.”

3) Have an idea of what you’re looking for. This can definitely give you some direction and help you figure out which racks are worth your time.

4) Bring or buy some water. The musky air from all the vintage items can be a little hard to take in. Especially after a few hours of walking.

5) Wear comfy clothes and shoes. It’s a pretty large area to cover and you will get tired after a while.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It’s totally unsponsored, and I just wanted to share some more of my day to day experiences. Not just my style. New looks coming soon! Catch you guys in the next.

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