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23 Jun



Wednesday on Friday.

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Love Culture hat | NA-KD dress & sunnies | Deandri collar | Eeight boots

That creepy Wednesday Addams look as always been one of my favorites. Whether it be a costume or just your average day-to-day wear, it’ll always be a recurring style in my book. I guess you can call this a little DIY. I picked up this dress from NA-KD. I love a good LBD. A lace one with bell sleeves is one I can never resist. This one perfectly represents my girly-goth side. Especially paired with this collar from Deandri. If you’re looking for anything goth (and I mean ANYTHING), Deandri is your go to. I know it’s just currently summer, but I’ve really been meddling in a lot of black pieces lately. I guess you can call me a summer goth. I’m also a boots-all-year-long kinda gal. I’m not too crazy about sandals. These booties here are probably the most comfortable pair I own. I took these bad boys with me to New York last fall, and walked around in them for hours on end. No sit down breaks needed for me here. Overall, loving this DIY Wednesday look. Especially paired with this deep red floral wall. I’m feeling some Tim Burton vibes here.

Photos by Azusa Takano (@azusatakano)

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