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25 Jul



Boy it’s been hot these days.

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Brixton Ally Wool Fedora | Peppermayo North West bodysuit | Bailey44 Shubert Alley skirt | NA-KD Seventies sunnies

B-Low the  Belt Bangles belt | Jeffrey Campbell Feria boots | Stella McCartney Falabella tiny tote

Photos by Azusa Takano (@azusatakano)

I’ve been locking myself in the house with the AC blasting all day. I’ve recently discovered that I really like baking and making pastries from scratch. I never thought I’d be the type to love being in the kitchen. I guess it’s a new found love and talent. That’s what I’ve been up to these days while hiding away from the heat. This look has honestly been one of my favorites as of late. I’ll admit this one made me guilty of outfit repeating. I picked up this fun knit skirt from the Janey Lopaty showroom. It’s from a brand, new to my closet, called Bailey 44. It’s a bit heavy and has a nice bounce when I walk. I’m guessing it’s from a previous fall/winter season cause it is a heavier knit and sold out everywhere. I’ll admit it does get warm when I wear it, but I couldn’t resist the texture and color for the summer. I paired it with a new lace up bodysuit from Peppermayo. I have quite a few versions of the lace up bodysuit. They’re addicting and I’ve been loving them for the warm weather. Linked the two pieces with a new belt I’ve been obsessed with. This label, B-Low the Belt, has some of the most amazing belts. It definitely pulled the outfit together. I completed the boho vibe with a wide hat to hide from the scorching hot sun and some of my favorite accessories. Also introducing a new piece to my wardrobe, my new tote from Stella McCartney! My boyfriend got me a tiny little card holder for my birthday and I felt I needed some tiny bags to hold it in. I’ve been on a bag binge lately and decided to seal the deal on some classic pieces in my bag collection. I had a bit of an epiphany about my belongings after my birthday and gave myself some well deserved upgrades. Can’t wait to show you guys some other upgrades soon!

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