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14 Jul

Summer Romance.


Plans to go to Miami for Swim Week fell through.

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Motel Rocks top | Kin K hat | Manokhi skirt | Public Desire shoes | ZeroUV sunnies

Photos  by Azusa Takano (@azusatakano)


Although I must say, I’m slightly relieved. My body wasn’t ready for swim week anyway. I’m also relieved to spend some time at home this weekend catching up on work. I just received my backdrop in the mail. Backdrop for tutorials! Going to start filming some make up tuturials very soon. I can’t wait to launch. I’ve been getting in touch with my feminine side these days. Donning a lot of skirts and dresses. My palette has been on the dark side and I’ve been jumping around and experimenting. Feeling a bit romantic here. Pretending I’m off to a tea party in this outfit. I love a good ruffled blouse. This sheer one from Motel is perfect for a warm summer day or night. Paired under the smoothest leather skirt from a label called Manokhi. I window shopped on their site and fell in love with their unique silhouettes and high quality fabrics. Definitely a brand to keep an eye on. I topped it all of with one of my favorite hats as of late. I discovered Kin K at the Dietch PR showroom. They easily became a favorite. Their hats are extra firm and fit like a glove. I love the added metal ring. Gives it a little bit of extra weight to resist from any sudden gust of wind that decides to brush it off your head. Check out the labels in the links above and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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