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18 Aug

The Eyes.

I’m always on the go.

Swatch The Eyes of Henny | Swatch The Eyes of Benno

Photos by Josh Michael (

Most days, I like to pack every minute with meetings, errands, and meals in between. I love to be hands on when it comes to work, so I like to do and see everything for myself. Today’s post features a quick and easy switch from brunch to business in between meetings. I’ll start the day with a laid-back look. A slinky tank paired with vintage denim shorts for some perfect Cali vibes. I’m also usually walking around in one of my favorite pair of boots. I think boots are so versatile and can pull together any outfit. Finished off this look with some new cat-eye sunnies from Swatch’s new line The Eyes. This has been one of my go-to outfits as of late. Especially with the heat on the rise. First stop, lunch or maybe coffee. Nothing too fancy, just a good meal to start off my day. I’m almost always running late to anything. I pull out my second pair of Swatch frames. As you can see, I’ve been heavily into the mirrored lenses. A quick “snap-snap” and I’m done. Swapped out the arms from cat-eye to round-eye frames to go with my next look. Business casual. I throw on my blazer and rush over to my next appointment. These Swatch sunnies have me feeling some type of way. You can get a new pair of sunnies and also get different styles of frames to swap them out depending on your mood. I’m loving that these can go from one to the other, just like I do with my appointments. My favorite thing about The Eyes is that they fit in my tiny purse. Especially without the arms snapped in them. Check out more frames from The Eyes collection here!

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