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24 Nov

Happy Hour.


Guuuyyys! I’m so excited to share with you my very first jewelry collaboration!

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I’ve been working with Stilnest for the past few months on creating a small collection of 3 gold plated sterling silver necklaces, and today is finally the launch day. I call the collection “Happy Hour”! I wanted to create something a little silly. I’ve seen so many necklaces with names or words of affirmation on them and I thought to myself, “Why not create a few pieces with alcohol?”. I’ve always been a social butterfly and a little bit of a party animal at times. I thought this collection would be fun and fit for the life of the party. There are three styles available: Vodka, Whiskey and Wine which are all available in silver, gold and rose gold. My personal favorite is Whiskey. One of my favorite things to do is to spend time with friends or family during happy hour and sipping on a nice whiskey cocktail. I hope you guys love the pieces as much as I do! Visit to shop my collection!

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