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29 Nov

Living in Liviara.

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Afternoons at home with Liviara. Nothing beats a cold and rainy afternoon at home in some custom fit lingerie. I’ve never mentioned it much, but I’ve always been a huge fan of lingerie. I love browsing around through different sites or stores to check out the different styles and silhouettes. Lingerie has been around for so long, yet I feel that these days it is somewhat taboo to wear around or shoot in. Lingerie can appear too sexual or trashy in some situations, but I don’t feel that way in Liviara. I shot this over the weekend on a cold and rainy day. It was a lazy day, that was for sure. I stayed inside, got down to my skivvies and lounged by the fireplace. I’m wearing the Regime bra and panty, both custom fit and custom made to hug my body just right. I can never resist black lace. Loving the classy look and womanly feel of this set. Get ready for the holidays and shop more styles from Liviara HERE.

Liviara bra & panties

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