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14 Dec



Sharing a few more pics from my trip to Saint Lucia.



img_5172 img_5171

UNOde50 Jewelry | B12 necklace | B12 bracelet | Star Tremendous ring

Lizza choker |   B12 bracelet | JJ bracelet | Blakie ring | JJ ring

Photos by Spencer Kohn

Recapping a few looks from my St Lucia trip. I packed super light. And by light, I mean in color palette. Eugenie even commented on how my suitcase was full of beige, white and blush colored clothing. I just love neutral colors for a tropical vacation. The outfit from the first set was one of my favorites. I’ve been loving the pleated skirt trend that’s been going around. This white one was super flowy and feminine, and always got caught in the breeze. White and nude is also one of my favorite color combos, so I had to pair it with this nude crop top. I felt like a princess with all these gold pieces from UNOde50. The Star Tremendous ring was so perfect with its’ Swarovski crystal setting. I think it really helped complete the outfit. The second look was the only black piece I brought on the trip. I felt it went well in this jungle setting. The Lizza choker I’m wearing with this look was my favorite piece from the UNOde50 collection. The silver plates and beading details are done so perfectly, and I love how it shines. That piece will definitely be on heavy rotation. Check out more jewelry pieces from UNOde50 HERE.

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  • Mary ann

    Hi! I was wondering what camera & lens you use? Your pictures are gorge?

    December 17, 2016 at 4:54 PM Reply


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