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24 May

Gold Star.

I had a temporary reunion with pink hair recently! I’ll admit, I missed it just a tad. It was fun to rock the color I became known for. I do feel I’ve outgrown it though. The same happened with my style. If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you’ve witnessed my dramatic style evolution. I recently revisited some of my old blog posts and thought “WOW”. I can’t believe I used to be so eclectic and colorful with my look. It took me a while to figure out who I was with my style. Some days I would be goth, some days I’d wear a floral dress, and other days, I’d be anywhere in between. These days, I’ve been feeling grown. In a good way. I’m turning 28 next month, and my wardrobe has definitely matured with me. I’ve been loving pants and blouses these days. And if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been obsessed with Gucci. My family was well-off when I was young, but in my teen years and after, things really took a turn. I was never able to really treat myself until recently. I worked really hard to get to this point in my career, and I’ve been celebrating by introducing a little Gucci into my life.


This outfit is super classic with a twist. I’ve been a fan of the brand Storets for some time now, and I love anything with stars. This blouse was just calling my name with its’ gold stars and peplum sleeves. I went super casual with a recent find, and new favorite brand of denim called McGuire. These jeans are seriously comfy and have been on heavy rotation. I spruced it up with one of my latest additions to my bag collection. I had been eyeing this bag for MONTHS. I just love the shape and I’m also born year of the snake, so it was basically made for me. I caught it in the Gucci store back in March while I was in Honolulu. The greatest thing about shopping in Hawaii is the discounts. All the bags in that store were 20% cheaper than the mainland. This bag is also a limited edition, so I snagged it in a heartbeat. I’m extremely happy with it. It fits both my vlogging and shooting camera, and everything else I need to carry in a day. It’s just a beaut. Lastly, these Gucci sneakers that I’ve been wearing almost every day. They’re super easy and simple but flamboyant. I love this look. It’s basic, but turned up a few notches.


I know I’ve been blogging less lately. I’ve been so busy with my travels. Things were hectic in the first few months of the year, but things are finally slowing down and I’m learning to find a balance again. I just made plans to shoot another video lookbook, and I’m super excited. Also working on some new blogs from my recent trips. Stay in touch with me on all my social channels.




Storets top / McGuire denim / Gucci bag & shoes

Urban Outfitters sunnies / & Other Stories earrings

Photos by Vincent Elejorde

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