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19 Aug


As some of you may know, I recently went on a two week trip with my boyfriend, Josh. We went to four countries and it was all AMAZING. I had been to Europe before for work, so I didn’t get to really see much of it. I wanted to make sure I had a real Eurotrip, so we planned this a few months ago, and it was so much fun. We stopped at London, Paris, Rome, Positano and Malta. About 2 to 3 days per place was just enough. It was HOT. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much in my entire life, but my skin was in heaven. Josh and I took SO many photos, so I wanted to create this little photo diary to share. Also wanted to link everything I’m wearing and share where all my fits are from. We’ll start with London. I was only there for about two days and did a LOT of walking. I think one of the days we hit 24k steps! Insane. Stopped by Buckingham Palace, got some fish & chips, and got to try British breakfast with baked beans. It was pretty tasty.

  1. Peppermayo top (use code FLAMCIS10). Zara bag. Jagger heels. Fawnstar choker.
  2. Peppermayo top (use code FLAMCIS10). Keepsake pants (similar here). Unif sunnies. Laura Lombardi earrings. Gucci bag.

After London, we took the train to Paris. There’s just something about Paris. Did more walking, sight-seeing, and shopping. I left with my heart full and my wallet almost empty. Kidding, but I did get a pair of Chanel boots. So excited to style them with some looks.

  1. Finders dress.  Jagger heels. Ray-Ban sunnies. Fawnstar choker. Gucci bag.
  2. Frame blouse. Lulu’s dress. Gucci shoes. Zara bag.
  3. Daisy dress. Ray-Ban sunnies. Gucci shoes. Free People bag.

Off to Rome. The only thing I had to see was the Trevi Fountain. The Lizzie McGuire fan in me has been dying to see it since middle school. It was SUCH a sight. Photos and videos do not do it justice. Spent only a day here, so there was only one look. Had some amazing gelato at a spot called Fatamorgana and stopped for some charcuterie at La Prosciutteria.

  1. Peppermayo dress (use code FLAMCIS10). Gucci shoes. Gucci bag.

Positano had to be one of the most beautiful and interesting places I’ve ever been to. The coast of Italy should be on everyone’s bucket list. I had pasta and wine at every meal. Rented a classic car from Spider Lifestyle and road along the coast, visited a secret beach called Furore, and took a swim under the Capri sun.

  1. Lioness one-piece swimsuit.
  2. Vintage Fendi scarf.  Unif sunnies. Stone Cold Fox dress.  Jagger heels. Free People bag.
  3. Stone Cold Fox playsuit. Crap sunnies. J. Crew earrings. Lulu’s bag.

After that, we flew to Malta. Malta was probably my favorite. Minus the fact that I booked an airbnb with no AC. We stayed in a town called Valetta and it was so amazing. I just learned about this country two years ago, and I was completely blown away. It’s a small island country south of Italy. The waters were SO clear and blue. Not to mention, I got to visit some filming locations of Game of Thrones. Food there was also extremely affordable. We had dinner one night at a place called Legligin. It was €26.50 for an 8 dish tasting menu, and it was SO delicious.

  1. Ray-Ban sunnies. Finders dress. Soludos sandals. Lulu’s bag.
  2. Crap sunnies. Keepsake jumpsuit. Soludos sandals. Lulu’s bag.
  3. Lack of Color hat. Kookai top. Petersyn skirt. Soludos sandals. Lulu’s bag.
  4. Flynn Skye jumpsuit. Free People bag. Ray-Ban sunnies.
  5. Gooseberry swimsuit. Soludos sandals.

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos. Europe is insanely beautiful and there is so much history to be shared. If you haven’t had a chance to make it out there, you should definitely make it happen.

photos by Josh

  • April Cheung

    This is so gorgeous!

    September 4, 2017 at 1:11 PM Reply
  • Kevin

    What camera and lens did you use? Gorgeous pictures and styling!

    August 19, 2017 at 4:17 PM Reply

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