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21 Dec

Our Tradition.

This post is sponsored by Ray-Ban and ShopStyle.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? In the last couple of years, Josh and I have started to create our own. I love this feeling around the holidays, when all you want to do is nothing with your loved ones. One of the traditions that Josh and I make sure to practice every year is visit different coffee shops to try out their holiday menu. This might not sound like your typical holiday tradition, but we are both coffee advocates. Josh also has a big sweet tooth, so holiday drinks are right up his alley. This activity is so simple, but I love it so much. We usually find a coffee shop, order some of their holiday drinks (like peppermint mocha or gingerbread latte), and just sit and chat for a bit or people watch. It’s like a small blip of time that means nothing to most people, but everything to us. Sitting here at one of my favorite coffee spots in Pasadena, and just enjoying the weather with these Square 1973 shades from Ray-Ban. I kid you not when I say that Ray-Ban has been my favorite brand for sunglasses for the last 10+ years. I feel like I went through an obsessive phase with different pairs. First it was the Aviators, then it was the Round, then it was the Hexagonal, and now I’ve moved on to the Square! They make such versatile shades for every type of person. Josh loves their iconic Wayfarers. With such classic styles, it’s no wonder they’ve been able to stay so popular. I’m currently loving the square look. It’s so perfectly 70’s, and I love vintage inspired pieces that can be incorporated into modern day style. Picked up this pair from Nordstrom. Click HERE to shop a pair for yourself!

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