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14 Jan

HIIT Me Baby.

This post is sponsored by Nike.

2020 resolutions left and right. Ok, but seriously, who else indulged for the holidays? I was in Japan and Taiwan and did not hold back when it came to the food over there. I’ve also been off my workout routine all of December. The cold weather, and all the events/parties going on just makes me slack off. It’s a new decade, and I’m ready to get back in the game. My favorite workouts to do are High Intensity Interval workouts, or HIIT. I just love that it gets your heart rate up, and your whole body moving. Nike just launched their latest Air Zoom Super Rep sneaker perfect for that. It’s actually designed or circuit, bootcamp, HIIT, or any other fast paced workouts, and let me tell ya it is SUPER comfortable. I knew as soon as I put it on that it was ultra supportive. It’s everything a workout shoe should feel like. It’s got wide heels giving me amazing balance and stability, and a Bebax plate that helps me load and engage the Zoom air bag to keep me moving. A shoe that makes your workout easier, what more could you ask for? It’s ultra supportive, super comfortable, highly breathable, and has fine tuned traction to keep you locked in while you push. This shoe means serious business, and that’s how I’m feeling about my resolutions right now. Ready to kick butt in 2020, literally! There’s a quick 15 minute HIIT workout on my IGTV with this shoe. Click HERE to watch it, and shop this sneaker below.

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