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12 Oct

LAFW with Liviara.


Brought my best for my first attendance in LA Fashion Week.











On me: Religion lace maxi dress | Ramy Brook Maxine skirt

Urban Outfitters leather belt | Christian Louboutin So Kate

Had a sweet Tuesday night this week with Liviara. I got to attend their first Los Angeles runway show revealing the first capsule of their collection. I’ve always been a fan of lingerie. I just love how it makes a woman’s body look. It oozes sexuality, but can still be full of class when done right. That’s exactly what Liviara provided on their runway last night. Their mood and aesthetic pays a humble tribute to the late Marie Antoinette. A duchess from the 1700s who became widely known for being promiscuous. They used her infamous promiscuity rumors to create a sultry collection complimenting women’s bodies in the most alluring ways. I loved their choice of colors for this capsule. From soft baby blue to deep plum, they had a mood for every type of woman. I can’t wait for their official launch coming in just a few weeks. They provided a countdown on their website just to stir up extra anticipation in a desperate consumer like me. Their official launch is October 24th. I advise any lingerie lovers to be on the look out. Liviara is definitely one to keep on your radar. Check out their website HERE and follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for updates.

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  • Carlee

    So that’s the case? Quite a reeliatvon that is.

    November 15, 2016 at 10:17 PM Reply


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