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10 Jan

The Wax Club.


Happy new year guys! I can’t believe it’s already 2017.


img_8214 img_8215 img_8218I got back from Japan yesterday and have been so jet lagged and groggy. It usually hits me hard and takes me a long time to readjust to the time. Nonetheless, there is a lot of work I need to catch up on and time will not wait. I wanted my first post of the year to be my 2016 recap, but unfortunately I fell behind on some posts before my trip to Japan and have to share my recent experience with The Wax Club in New York!

I was gone most of December. I spent the first week in Saint Lucia, the weekend after in New York, and the last week in Japan. It was so eventful and can’t wait to share everything I experienced. First is my trip to New York. I was invited to spend a weekend there and check out The Wax Club. They are a waxing salon less than a year old located in Lower Manhattan. I’ve only been waxed once before in my life. I got my eyebrows done many years ago and it was not the best experience. I thought waxing wasn’t for me. When I was approached with this opportunity, I was a little hesitant to take it. I thought back to my first and last waxing experience and was a bit traumatized. My brows came out uneven, and the wax was hot and almost burned my skin. I put the trauma aside and decided to give The Wax Club a go. It was such an amazing experience. One that all waxing visits should be modeled after. The salon was tall, clean and beautiful. I was greeted the second I walked in and was actually excited for hair removal. My aesthetician was Kenya. She was so bubbly and informative and really put my nerves at ease. She showed me the wax that she’d be applying on my skin and told me a few things about it. I loved the pink bubble gum color. It’s all natural, made with bees wax and fragrance free. It’s good for sensitive skin and also picks up dry skin, helping exfoliate and leaving your skin nice and soft. I got my brows waxed, my forehead waxed to remove small baby hairs and my upper lip. I was done in a matter of minutes and my skin felt so smooth. The wax really picked up a lot of unwanted hairs and didn’t burn my skin. I was so surprised with my skin post waxing. There was minimal redness and I was able to leave immediately after and grab some ice cream. Overall, I was really happy with the experience and felt confident in their services. If you’re ever in New York or live there, You should pop in for a quick waxing session. They are the first salon in the country to offer a membership type service where you can pay $89 a month and receive unlimited waxing. They’re also available for private events like bridal showers and even offer beverage services upon your visit. Check out their site HERE and plan your next visit.

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