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13 Jan

Miyajima with CLUSE.

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Counting the minutes of my entire Japan trip with Cluse. I wanted to share this look from the day I stopped by Miyajima Island. Japan is such an amazing place. I’ve never met anyone who has gone and hated it. There are so many different parts to Japan and Miyajima island was one of my favorites. We took a train and ferry from Osaka to see the island. It is home to the Itsukushima shrine, or otherwise known as the floating torii gate. There were also deer roaming around freely on the island. It was all beautiful with the naked eye, and photos just don’t do it justice. This look I shot is a little whimsical. I’ve been really inspired by Japanese and Korean fashion trends lately. I just love their use of layers and pairing pieces I never would have thought to. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little, but still stay true to my style. I’ve definitely mentioned before that I’ve always loved tulle. I actually got this tulle dress during my last visit to Japan from a brand called Jouetie. I paired it under a cream sweater I got in Osaka and some new embroidered denim from Frankie. I’ve also been really into anything oversized, so I threw over a men’s size medium bomber from a new label to my closet called Represent. Their jackets are insane and I need more of them in my life. Stayed comfy in some Vans since we did a lot of walking, and kept time with a new watch from Cluse. I love pink and rose gold, so the La Vedette in pink and rose gold was just perfect. I don’t own any watches with thin straps, but I love the dainty feel of it. It also paired so well with my rose gold jewelry pieces from Miansai. Click HERE to check out some must have watches from Cluse.

Cause watch | Represent bomber | Womb sweater | Jouetie tulle dress | Frankie denim | Vans shoes

Photos by Josh Michael

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  • Rytasha

    Love the baggy knit sweater!!!

    January 26, 2017 at 1:23 PM Reply


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