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19 Dec

Back to Hawaii.

It seems as though, I go to Hawaii about twice a year! I’m so grateful LA is so close to such a beautiful place. It’s so easy to make a quick getaway from this bubble. I was invited back to Four Seasons Hualalai with Bollare last month. I took this trip back in 2017, and it was truly one for the books. So of course, I couldn’t say no. I think it’s safe to say that Four Seasons is one of my favorite hotel chains. I’ve had the pleasure at staying at a few different locations around the world, and they really know service like no other. Some of their Hawaii locations are top rated for their hospitality, and when you visit, you’d understand why.

Stepping into my suite brought back such good memories. Their rooms are IMPECCABLE. Every room has an ocean view. I felt an immediate release coming back here. I’ve had a crazy last few months, and it was just so nice to get away from the city to reset. The Big Island is the perfect place to do it One of my best friends, Pau Dictado, also came on this trip! Along with two new friends, Madison Williams and Claudia Graziano. One of my favorite things about getting invited to these trips is the relationships I build. Whether it be new or old, they always leave me with such good memories.

The first night, we got to check out their new Dom Perignon suite. That’s right, I said it. A Dom Perignon suite! A suite you can actually book for your stay, and have a champagne filled trip. Sounds like a call for a bachelorette party, am I right? We had some champagne and watched the sunset before we headed off to dinner at the amazing restaurant on their property called Ulu.

If you know me, you’d know that I’m ALL about the food when I’m traveling. Let me tell you, Four Seasons NEVER disappoints. They offer some of the best food on the entire island. We frequented the Hualalai Trading Post daily for a coffee in the morning, and/or a quick bite in the afternoon. The perfect spot for grab & go items, and they even had spam musubi! A must when you’re on the island. We also got set up with an amazing dinner on the sand. The oceanside dinner was equipped with a live performance, and it was incredibly romantic. The very last night, we had an incredible dinner Ulu’s chef’s table with Executive Chef Thomas Bellec preparing our food right before our very eyes. His style is incorporating different flavors from different countries, and he hits the nail right on the head. It was, hands down, one of the best meals I’ve had. Highly recommend if you’re every staying at, or visiting this property.

Feeling so refreshed and grateful. I came back to LA with a clean slate, and ready to tackle anything. This place is such a dream, and it can be what you make of it. I saw couples, families, groups of friends all staying on the property. I love that they can be family friendly, or not if that’s not your vibe. There are four different pools, an enormous golf course, a spa to unwind, and numerous activies including lei making, snorkeling, and sunrise yoga! I love that they provide you with anything you need, making you feel like you never left home. I hope I can make my way back there again. Maybe with Josh next time! Click HERE to check out the Four Seasons Hualalai site and book your next stay!

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